This domain might be for sale!

If you would like to make an offer to purchase this domain name, you can do so at the following email address:

Make sure you include the words "FakeNews" in your subject line or your message will get caught by my spam filter. Again, make me an offer. Don't ask how much I'm selling for, don't ask to rent the domain, and don't offer to sell me another similar domain name. Officially Comes to an "End"

Alright, hereís the dealÖ

Obviously this site hasnít been updated in QUITE some time. The reason why is pretty predictable so no reason to go too crazy explaining it: Normís career fizzled from comedy super-star to comedy guy-that-used-to-be-a-super-star... and I moved into putting my free time into other projects. (One not necessarily causing the other)

So Iím making one last update to let everyone know that, yes, this site is essentially dead now. But I promise to always keep live and hosted so you will always have access to the epic era in comedy that was Norm MacDonald in the late 90ís and early 2000ís.

For those looking for current Norm happenings, you do have some great options:

1) Normís official webpage is now up and doing things:

2) Norm has a twitter account and itís apparently pretty popular:!/normmacdonald

3) Heís also got himself a Facebook page:

4) And because Norm didnít get the memo that Myspace is super not-cool, he still posts his upcoming tour dates there:

5) Finally, this site's forum has suprisingly lived on and interesting bits about Norm do find their way on there every few days:

So thatís it everyone!

No!!!! No goodbyes! Iím not doing it!!! Ö. Mostly because Iíve already abandoned this site for half a decade so a goodbye would seem a bit ridiculous.

SoooooÖ Thanks everyone!