Episode 6: Insider Report

"The New Boss"

Here's my adventure at "the NORM SHOW" . . .

After waiting in line for an hour or two I was whisked into the studio where I went through the usual security procedures and took my seat.

A stand-up comic welcomed us and introduced the theme of the show, and told us what to expect (he tried to keep the energy up throughout the show). We were then shown the pilot. Taping started shortly after it finished.

Here's the basic premise of the show (I'm not sure when it will air) . . .

It starts with the boss going crazy because of Norm (he tries to shot him from the roof of a nearby building). He of course gets fired. Laurie thinks she gets his position until the new supervisor gets there (I don't remember the character or the actor's name but he was the dad on ALF [Max Wright]). The new boss tells Norm his new responsibility is to do nothing, which Norm loves.

Laurie hates the new boss and keeps a journal of the things he does. While trying to smooth things between Laurie and the new boss out, Norm tells him about Laurie's journal. The boss then gives her the new responsibility of firing "Al." Which she won't do so she quits.

Norm and his buddy form a plan to trick the boss into saying something racist so he'll have to give Laurie her job back. The boss slurs Norm's great Gypsy heritage, causing him to seek Laurie's help to fix the problem and save his job. She gets Norm to forgive him and she gets her job back.

That was an very brief summary of the episode, I left most of the funnier details out, you'll have to wait and enjoy them for yourselves.

The taping took about 5 hours. They frequently stopped and re-wrote scenes. It's going to be a great show.