Early Review: 'Ridiculous'

With Norm always being the first one to tell us how terrible he was at fulfilling his sketch duty at SNL, it’s been really easy to forget just how great he was at writing and performing on that show. You could always point out the skits that Norm wrote. Bluntly and innocently dirty at the same time – they were brilliant.

Norm does a fantastic job at using that brilliance to make ‘Ridiculous’ laugh-out-really-loud hilarious and an instant classic to the sketch comedy album genre.

What immediately struck me was how clear it was that this album was made specifically for Norm fans. Us true fans, the people who really ‘get’ Norm, have had to kinda take a back seat for a lot of Norm’s projects lately. “Back to Norm” seemed to have been made for Dave Chappelle fans and Norm fans. “A Minute with Stan Hooper” was made for your every day sitcom fans and Norm fans. And the “Doctor Do Little” movies were made for anyone but Norm fans. But God bless us, for some reason, us Norm fans need to hear phrases like, “I sucked a trucker’s cock ‘cause he dared me to.” It’s part of what makes us tick! And with this album, Norm gives it to us.

And yeah, non-Norm fans won’t understand why things like oral sex with a dog in a men’s bathroom is funny. But this album seems to shout a loud and refreshing “Fuck ‘em!” to those people who don’t truly understand Norm.

Besides the distinct dirtiness, and allusions to quintessential Norm personality traits, having a bunch of Norm’s friends add their voices gives so much to the album. We all already know about the hilarious bit with Will Ferrell. Artie’s there doing his thing for a couple tracks. Also used frequently and to great success is SNL producer and writer Steve Higgins.

Lori Jo Hoekstra, Norm’s long time coproducer buddy does almost all the female voices on the album. It’s great to see her finally get out from behind the camera and in front of – okay still not a camera, but we’re getting closer. And Molly Shannon, well, I was never a big Molly Shannon fan but she says a ton of dirty stuff during her bit so all’s forgiven now, I guess.

The Hidden Track at the end, which Norm sets up by explaining the irony of calling it a Hidden Track, is a bit from Norm’s old routine about the show Star Search. Also in his setup, Norm explains that the bit is outdated and not funny. Once again, Norm isn’t telling the truth about his comedic talents. The six minute bit is very, very funny.

This album will definitely be worth your money spent. And it'll be something you’ll want to play over and over again for yourself and for your friends. And when you’re listening with people who get Norm too, the album will be even funnier. And when you’re listening with people who don’t get Norm, the album will be uncontrollably funny. (Let’s just say I’m banned from playing things on the stereo at work for a while.)

Enjoy your album Norm fans!

-editor steve