Yahoo! SNL Cocktail Party Chat
JULY 18, 1997 (YAHOO!)

EDITOR'S NOTE: This is only a partial transcript. Only Norm's portion of the "Saturday Night Live" cast Q&A is represented.

NBCLive: Welcome, Norm!

Question #2241 from Bravo56: I know you guys have professional writers, but do you guys get to put any of your own stuff into the sketch? If so, how much?
We have professional writers, but we also get to put our own stuff into the sketches.

Question #1856 from Rbro: Norm, you gotta tell...what is the funniest thing that has happened on the show?
One time I got punched in the stomach by Tommy Lee Jones. Oh no, it wasn't Tommy Lee Jones. It was Pamela Lee.

Question #2432 from Jabba15: What does it feel like when no one laughs at a news item?
I feel like Tom Brokaw. He never gets laughs. That guy is really not funny.

Question #1152 from Molly_pumpkin: What are you guys doing there?
What are any of us doing here when you stop and think about it.

Question #2496 from Cnsmr: Norm, will you ever do another episode of NewsRadio?
I would, except that I'm having a show business feud with Andy Dick. Oh, no, did I say Andy Dick? I meant Pamela Lee.

Question #2240 from Xone9: Norm, will your real brother be on with you soon?
Yes, he's going to be on the show soon. Oh, no, did I say my real brother? I meant Tommy Lee Jones. No, not Tommy Lee Jones. That other guy. Pamela Lee, I think, is her name.

Question #2176 from Aol_sux: Norm will you ever have letterman on? I mean come on, aren't you guys friends?
Yeah. I love Letterman. I'd love to have him on. He's the greatest. Goodbye.

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