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Janet asks: Norm, what's been one of your most embarrassing moments onscreen?
One time I swore on "Saturday Night Live" -- I said a bad word. They explained to me later that you weren't allowed to say "f%$&*" on television.

Chloe asks: I saw you on the "Dennis Miller Live" hundredth episode... He seems like a really cool guy, is he?
Yeah, Dennis gave me my first job in show business, writing for his old talk show "The Dennis Miller Show" -- before his live show. Since then, he's been very supportive of me and he's a great guy... always funny.

randi asks: Norm, I have been a fan of yours since the early days (SNL). I really loved your impressions. Which was your favorite?
My favorite impression ever is Andy Rooney. But it got no laughs at all!

dannie asks: Hi Norm. I'm a really big fan of yours. I read about your new movie on the ET site. I can't wait to see it! What is your character in 'Dirty Work' like?
My character reminds me a lot of me. Like he's the same height, weight, same eye color, except he likes brussel sprouts and I don't. Well, I actually like them too now that I think about it.

tigger asks: Did you write 'Dirty Work'?
Yes, I did write it with two of my friends, Fred Wolf and Frank Sebastiano. I'm writing another movie as well with Frank. They're my buddies from SNL.

melanie chick asks: I think you're the coolest! Who do you think is very cool?
I think George Jones is very cool. And I also think that Meryl Haggard is very cool and I also think that Fred Ward is very cool.

Toby asks: Norm, I have been a big fan of yours for a while. I wondered what really happened between you and the exec at NBC regarding "Saturday Night Live"? If you don't mind me asking.
Well, what happened was, the president of the network decided that he didn't want me to do Weekend Update any longer, which is his right to do because he owns the cameras. I never really had any problem with that. But I appreciate everyone's support after I was let go... it was very nice to see that support.

taniwa asks: Norm, have you seen Colin Quinn do Weekend Update? What do you think of the job he's doing with it? (I personally think he sucks)
I have seen Colin, yes. Colin has been a friend of mine and when he came on the show I always tried to get him to do Update, because like me, he's a stand up comedian. I've seen him do Update a few times, he does it differently, but I think he does a great job.

Julie asks: When you were on MTV Live you said that you had no stalkers ever and you said it kind of depressingly. When I get a car may I stalk you? I love you more than I love David Spade and I love him a lot!
[Laughs.] I would prefer if you would stalk me on foot. Then I would have more of a chance to get away if I wanted too.

Rene asks: Was it fun working with Bob Saget? Did you know him before you took on this project? What kind of director is he?
I didn't know him personally. But when I was about 13-years old, I saw him do stand-up. He was the first one I saw. For people who don't know it, his routine is kinda of dark. A lot of people were surprised that I chose him to direct the movie, but I wanted a guy who understood stand-up comedy.

Katie asks: Norm, I just read an interview on ET Online with Eddie Murphy and he said you do one of the voices in 'Dr. Dolittle.' Which one is it and was doing that movie fun?
Yeah, I play Lucky the dog... Eddie's dog. It was a lot of fun. I can't do any funny voices. Eddie just said to do my own voice, which was easy. The only hard things were when I had to bark or whimper. That was embarrassing. But Eddie Murphy asked me to do it, I had to say yes because he's so funny and the greatest!

Mandy asks: Hi, Norm. Does anyone call you Norman?
Only my mother.

Duane asks: Has anyone ever gotten pissed because you did an impression of him or her? I love your Quentin Tarantion impression.
Not that I know of. The only guys I ever head from were Burt Reynolds. He phoned me up and told me funny stories. David Letterman was okay with it. Bob Dole was okay with it. I guess if they don't like, you don't hear from them.

Suzy Gonzales asks: I have heard about another movie you are going to make, 'Ballbusted.' What is that about?
That's a movie written by the guys who wrote 'Ed Wood.' I play a chauffeur for a lady who owns a pie company. She's not nice to me, but she is nice in public. I then kidnap her dog. I start that one in about a week.

Kaci asks: What one thing is constantly on your mind?
I guess it would be cigarettes.

lindsey presuhn asks: Do you like to smoke a lot? How many packs do you go through a day?
I'm a pretty heavy smoker... I smoke about two packs a day and two 15-milligram patches on my arm. Sometimes I smoke heavily, but I'm trying to quit.

Wade asks: Do you drink?
No, I don't drink very much. Once in a while I'll have a drink, but very infrequently.

Lenny asks: Do you think 'Dirty Work' will make it to #1 this weekend? I hope so!
Absolutely not. 'The Truman Show' will be number one. Although we were thinking about charging a million dollars a ticket, but abandoned that idea.

LauraTaniwa asks: Wow, Norm, that advertisement for 'Dirty Work' where you have your shades on makes you look like one swinging dude! Are you one swinging dude?
Nope. That was an idea by the guy that took the picture. I didn't want to wear sunglasses 'cause I'm a dork in the picture. Sometimes the photographer asks you to wear sunglasses, but you should always say no.

LocoOkie asks: Norm, I saw you when you came to Oklahoma and I thought you were hilarious. My question is, are there any surprise guests in 'Dirty Work'?
Yes. We've got four or five cameos of people I think you'll enjoy seeing -- we're not allowed to say who they are, but you'll be pleased.

katia asks: Hi, Norm. Welcome online. Have you ever done an internet chat before? Do you like doing them? I'm from Brazil.
No, I've never done one. I don't know how to use a computer. I don't even know how to use a typewriter. They frighten me. But I am not typing for myself. There are a couple of nice ladies here helping me.

frankie asks: What is one of your favorite scenes in 'Dirty Work'?
My favorite scene is when we go put fish in a guy's house to make his house smell bad. The guy returns and it turns out he's a dangerous cocaine baron. That's my favorite scene in the movie.

Suzy Gonzales asks: What's your best revenge story?
Well, to tell the truth, when we writing the movie, I was thinking of some of the things I did when I was younger. We decided those things would be too dangerous to put in the movie. So I can't say.

Deb asks: Any plans for a stand-up tour?
I don't have any plans right now... I am kind of busy with the new movie stuff. I would like to do an HBO special... My friend Chris Rock did one. Maybe I'll do a tour in the fall.

ornie asks: Which project have you most enjoyed and why?
The think I enjoyed most is stand-up comedy, cause that's the stuff I can do all by myself and say whatever I want to. If I had to choose a movie, it would be 'Dirty Work.' I just laughed the whole time and there were so many people I couldn't believe I got to work with.

Moderator: Norm's gotta go now! Thanks, Norm, do you want to say anything to your audience?
Go see my movie! The movie is called 'Dirty Work,' and it comes out this Friday. You should go see it. Costs only about $8 to see. It's been real nice of you people to ask me questions and chat with me. I appreciate it, but it's been weird.

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