Editor's Note:
This is Norm's last ever appearance, as a regular cast member, on SNL.

List of Characters:
Norm MacDonald - Burt Reynolds
Cheri Oteri - Barbara Walters

Added to site: March 24, 2002.

Barbara Walters Oscar Special - March 14th, 1998

Barbara Walters: My final guest, Burt Reynolds, has gone from rags to riches, back to rags, then to a period where he was just embarrassing, and back to riches. His hit film, “Boogie Nights”, has put this smoky bandit back on the “Cannonball Run”… for Oscar!

[Cut to Reynolds and Walters together]

Burt, your career was in great peril. You lost Loni. You lost your hair. But at last you’re back on top. How does it feel?

Burt Reynolds: Yep!

Walters: But- But tell me, are- are you finally at peace?

Reynolds: Peace. Yeah, sure.

Walters: One thing's for sure, after your critically acclaimed performance in “Boogie Nights”, directors from Gus Van Sant to Quentin Tarantino will be banging down your door. Burt, what's your next project?

Reynolds: I'm doing a, ah, car picture with Dom DeLuise. Funny guy.

Walters: Burt, looking back on your life, what's the proudest moment?

Reynolds: Well, hold on there, lady, I've got to, uh (cough)... I've gotta go to the can.

[Reynolds gets up and walks off stage]

Audience Member: I love you Norm!

Walters: [talking to director] Oh, he's got... He's got... The can, he said... The bathroom, stupid... I don't... Okay... Is there a Twizzler? I- Ha-... [Reynolds returns] Oh, good. Now, I don’t know what-

[Burt picks up a magazine and walks off again]

Transcribed by: TLCK
Provided by: steve