List of Characters:
Norm MacDonald - Quentin Tarantino
Samuel L. Jackson (Host) - Himself testing as Jules Winnfield
Darrell Hammond - Jerry Mathers
Norm MacDonald - Burt Reynolds
Darrell Hammond - Walter Cronkite
Ana Gasteyer - Ann B. Davis

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Quentin Tarantino: A Profile - January 10th, 1998

Voice Over: We now return to ‘Director Quentin Tarantino: A Profile’ on Bravo.

Quentin Tarantino: Okay, when I made Pulp Fiction, a'right, the thing is I knew that Samuel L. Jackson was gonna be Jules, okay. I mean, I mean, Sam was Jules, right? But who was gonna play the other hitman, Vincent? Okay? I mean, I knew that I wanted to re-discover someone. Okay? But the thing that people don't know, a'right, was that Travolta was not my first choice. Okay? You know who I wanted? Do you remember the show "Leave It To Beaver"?

[Cut to a screen test of the driving/conversation scene from Pulp Fiction. Leave It To Beaver’s Jerry Mathers is in the passenger seat with Samuel L. Jackson driving.]

Stage Assistant: Jerry Mathers screen test, take two.

Jackson: Oh, man… a foot massage is nothin'. I'd give my mother a foot massage.

Mathers: Well… I'd never give her a foot massage. On account of Marsellus'd clobber me. Isn't is dopey as *****? No… but you're in the same ****ing ballpark!

[Cut back to interview with Tarantino]

Tarantino: Look, okay, so Mathers was great, a'right, now don't get me wrong, he was great, okay, but there was still, there was something missing. You know? So I said to myself, I said, ok Quentin, I said- I said, who is the ****in' man, a'right, I mean, who is- who is the American icon of the American decade?

[Cut back to car test scene with Burt Reynolds now in the passenger seat.]

Stage Assistant: Burt Reynolds, Pulp Fiction screen test, take four.

Reynolds: Y'know what they call a quarter pounder with cheese in Paris, France?

Jackson: They don't call it a quarter pounder with cheese?

Reynolds: No… No, They call it a royale with cheese. Baha!

Jackson: Royale with cheese… so how about a Big Mac?

Reynolds: Well, a Big Mac, that's a- that’s a Big Mac. 'Course they call it le Big mac, 'cause, y'know, they're French.

Jackson: "Le Big Mac"… (chuckles)

Reynolds: (laughs)

Jackson: So what do they call a Whopper?

Reynolds: (coughs) Quentin, ah, this whole picture about burgers, or…?

[Cut back to interview with Tarantino]

Tarantino: Okay, Burt was great, a'right, okay, but he just- he wasn't Vincent, a'right, he was Burt, a'right, but he wasn't Vincent. Okay? And- and then I realized, you know, it wasn't just Vincent that I was searching for. A'right? I was trying to find like- like- like, a cultural icon that I could just like- like, explode!

[Cut to Walter Cronkite in ‘Gimp’ outfit]

Stage Assistant: Walter Cronkite screen test, the Gimp, take one.

Cronkite: Ah, Mr. Tarantino, before we begin, ah, let me say that a number of things are bothering me here…

Tarantino: Okay, okay, Walter, your character, okay, is the Gimp. Okay? [Tarantino enthusiastically dances around] Now, what you have to remember about your character is that he's- you’re- he’s like- okay, he's kept in a trunk, a'right, in the basement of some guys house, okay, and he's used for deviant, hardcore, gay sex. Okay!?

Cronkite: (long pause) Let's do it!

[Cut back to interview with Tarantino]

Tarantino: Okay, Y'see, what separates me, okay, from Hollywood directors, okay, is that- that I have a- that I have a huge head. A'right? Okay? Now I don't mean that I have a big ego, okay, 'cause I don't. A'right? I mean that my actual head is huge! A'right? I mean, I have to sleep sitting up, okay, like the Elephant Man, or I'll die. A'right? But- but, okay, get this though, okay, it was my huge head, okay, that thought up who was perfect to play Marsellus' wife. A'right? Okay, do you remember the show "The Brady Bunch", okay. Ann B. Davis, who played Alice, the maid?

[Cut to car again. Ann B. Davis joins Jackson now.]

Davis: Alright… any one of you *****s move and I'll execute every last one of you *****s. Got it?

Jackson: Uh, Ann, um, I don't think you're doin' the right scene.

Davis: Scene? I wasn't doing a scene, ************.

[Cut back to interview with Tarantino]

Tarantino: Okay, like, so Ann didn't work out, a'right, but it was cool, man, 'cause she could dance

[Davis and Jackson do some wacky, 70’s style dancing.]

[Fade out, applause]

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