The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
MARCH 23, 1999 (COM)

Hard To Breathe

JON: I haven't seen you since we were both sucking wind in Aspen.

NORM: Oh yeah, yeah, yeah

JON: We had the comedy festival in the place of no comedy, Aspen, Colorado.

NORM: Where everyone is a comedian, right. Yeah I couldn't breathe there.

JON: I remember you had an oxygen tank. I was worried about you.

NORM: I had an oxygen tank. I had to buy it. They sell ya, It's a lot it's like a hundred bucks and I says to the dude, I says does anyone come here and get a lot of oxygen, do that a lot. "We only had you and Rondney Dangerfield", that's bad uh.

JON: That's not a good one to be associated with.

The Networks Explained

NORM: Yeah, I'm back. I'm on ABC.

JON: Oh, really?

NORM: The American Broadcasting Company.

JON: Much better.

NORM: Yeah, it's an American, you know what I mean? NBC is national, but they don't tell you what nation, right? And the other one's run by a bunch of fuckin' Columbians.

JON: It would appear that way.

NORM: A system. It's a system.

JON: Yeah. A cartel.

NORM: Yeah, exactly! They're all good people.

JON: All people in TV are good people. Good ethics.

NORM: They're all good people.

Thank you Jonathan Russell for transcribing this appearance.