The Daily Show with Craig Kilborn
JUNE 10, 1998 (COM)

Dirty Work

CRAIG KILBORN: Were there any prostitutes hurt in the making of this movie? [Laughter.]

NORM: Well, Chevy Chase beat up one pretty bad, actually. [Laughter.]

CRAIG: So, Chevy is in the movie?

NORM: Chevy is in the movie. Yeah, he's a great man. He was my hero when I was a kid. The great thrill when I wrote this movie with my buddies Frank and Fred was to put in all guys I love. Don Rickles, Chevy Chase, Chris Farley -- all my favorite funny guys ended up doing it. So, I was very happy.

CRAIG: Love Don Rickles!

NORM: Yeah, Rickles is the greatest.

Killing Animals

CRAIG: Animals in the movie?

NORM: There are animals. No, there aren't any animals. [Laughter.] But, we did kill some! [Laughter.] You know, when they put at the end that there were no animals killed -- that's hard to do. [Laughter.] We were killing opossum and stuff. [Laughter.] And we killed a horse. [Laughter.]

CRAIG: How many dolphins? No dolphins, huh?

NORM: No! We'd never kill a dolphin.

CRAIG: Yeah. That's wrong.

Kathie Lee Gifford

CRAIG: I saw you last week on "Regis & Kathie Lee." And, it was fun. Although, I got uncomfortable at the end, because -- Kathie Lee was casting you as a leading man -- which is fine, that's very believable. But, was she hitting on you? Was she flirting? What was going on?

NORM: Well, she's a lady and I'm a man. [Laughter.] And she's an incredibly beautiful woman. Especially in person.

CRAIG: You've seen her up close. Is that true?

NORM: Oh, my god. She's so beautiful. [Laughter.] She's really pretty. She's taken, and he treats her really well, I hear. [Laughter.]

5 Questions

CRAIG: [Music begins] Uh, It's time for "5 Questions!" Here we go! [Huge applause.]

NORM: This is going to be tough, because I only know four things. [Laughter.]

CRAIG: Wow! We may ask four of those.

NORM: That'd be great.

CRAIG: We start with geography ...

Q. Who's your favorite supermodel from Australia?

A. That'd be Elle McPherson.

That is correct.

Q. The blackjack dealer is showing a seven, do you split your eights?

A. You should always split your eights.

Yes, very good.

Q. Let's play the pyramid: Schwartzkopf, a generally accepted social more, Fell, the fat guy at the end of the bar?

A. Famous Normans.


Q. The category is dirty tricks: in the play of the same name, who pulled a fast one on Othello?

A. Iago.

Wow, that is good!!

Q. Finally, NBC's Don Ohlmeyer: a punk-ass bitch or a bitch-ass punk?

A. Well, that's an age-old debate that I can't get into...we'll never answer that one.

That is correct -- it's a tossup!