The Howard Stern Show

EDITOR'S NOTE: This clip, found off Kazaa, is back in the spring of ’98 when Norm was doing promotions for his movie “Dirty Work”. Because it’s the Howard Stern Show, there’s a lot more revealing talk, such as what Bob Sagat was really like as a director, Norm hooking up with Elle McPherson, the trouble with Don Ohylmeyer, and Artie’s exploits with Canadian prostitution.

Also, the comments about Bob Sagat would explain the “fist fight” between Norm and Bob reported in the Enquirer a few months ago.

The Howard Stern Show

Alright, let’s face it, this isn’t the most important sound clip in the world, so I really don’t see a need for all of us to work our asses off to transcribe it. Just download the thing if you’re interested.

And just in case you’re new to… ah… life? Here’s a little character synopsis:

You have Howard Stern, shock-jock, and self-proclaimed king of all media.

Then you have Robin, Howard Stern’s annoying sidekick. (She’s not too annoying in this clip)

Then there’s Norm MacDonald. I think you know who that guy is.

And the last voice you’ll hear is Artie Lang. Norm’s costar in “Dirty Work”. Artie has since moved on to become a regular voice of the Howard Stern Show.