World Poker Tour
APRIL 11th, 2004

EDITOR'S NOTE: Iíve decided to upload some digital video from the WPT episode the other night. Below you can download different segments that Norm either had humorous comments in or that played a pivotal part of Normís game.

All of the segments are zipped and in Windows Media format. If you have a Macintosh, you may need this plugin to view the file.

You can choose to download each segment individually, or download them all at once by clicking below:

Download all segments (4.2 MB)


Segment One

During the celebrity introductions, Norm gives a little foreshadowing for how heíll be playing. Fred Willard also uses his introduction to predict Normís demise.


Segment Two

The celebrities give the introduction to the segment that describes how the game is played.


Segment Three

Norm describes a secret strategy for bluffing.


Segment Four

Actual poker playing action now, the commentators comment on how professional Norm is while he gives Fred Willard the run-around.


Segment Five

The conclusion to Norm giving Fred the run-around.


Segment Six

Norm puts his bluffing skills to work against Richard Karn.


Segment Seven

A very mini biography on Norm and the charity heís playing for. (Paul Newmanís Hole in the Wall Gang)


Segment Eight

After Fred Willard does so poorly, heís allowed to have his wife sit along side of him. Here, Norm gives his opinion on the situation.


Segment Nine

Richard Karn attempts revenge against Norm.


Segment Ten

Just when you least expect it, Norm goes all in.


Segment Eleven

The final card comes out and we see if Norm stays alive.


Segment Twelve

Norm explains what went wrong.