Celebrity Poker Showdown
BRAVO - JUNE 10th, 2004

EDITOR'S NOTE: Below are clips covering pretty much all of Normís moments on the Celebrity Poker Showdown. Iíve given a description of each clip and pretty much what happens. If you want to be kept in suspense and not read the descriptions, you can download all the clips at once by clicking below:

Download All Clips (21 mb).

All of the segments are zipped and in Windows Media format. If you have a Macintosh, you may need this plugin to view the file.


Segment One

Host Dave Foley introduces the players for the evening. Besides Norm we have: Jeremy Sisto from HBO's Six Feet Under, Adam Rodriguez from CBS's CSI: Miami, Michael Ian Black from NBC's ED, and Star Jones from Safeway's Ice-cream Aisle. (Note: Preceding Star Jones joke made from 100% recycled material.)


Segment Two

Adam Rodriguez gets taken out by Norm on the very first hand of the game, resulting in one of the most embarrassing and hilarious moments in Celebrity Poker history.


Segment Three

Dave interviews Adam about his misguided play and has some pretty jokingly harsh things to say about Norm.


Segment Four

With Norm the overwhelmingly dominant chip leader, heís able to exert pressure on the other players. This clip shows such a play.


Segment Five

We cut away from the game play to learn a little bit more about Norman Gene MacDonald. (Note: Included jokes in clip made from 30% recycled material.)


Segment Six

After making a large bet on a poor hand, Norm gives the ďfake all-inĒ.


Segment Seven

While Jeremy and Michael going head to head, Norm gets up and does some stretching.


Segment Eight

Another little interviewette with Norm where he gives his analysis of the other players.


Segment Nine

With Star Jones running out of chips, Norm gets dealt a good but for some reason throws it away.


Segment Ten

With Star Jones running even lower on chips, Norm moves in for the kill and knocks her out. Clip also features fuckbag Michael Ian Black chanting ďWe Hate NormĒ.


Segment Eleven

Michael Ian Black and Norm go head to head and we get our first taste of just how big of a douche Michael is. Norm takes so much time deciding whether to play or not that Dave Foley comes out from the production booth to spur the game along.


Segment Twelve

In a three way match between Jeremy, Michael, and Norm... Jeremy and Michael check, leaving Norm wide open to steal another pot.


Segment Thirteen

Jeremy Sisto running low on chips goes all in and becomes the third victim of Normís excellent playing and luck.


Segment Fourteen

Having knocked out the other three players, itís now a battle between Norm and Michael. This first hand of the head-to-head match up shows Norm being as confident as ever.


Segment Fifteen

Running low on chips and dealt a poor hand, Michael goes all in. Norm takes a while to think and makes a poor decision.


Segment Sixteen

On the next hand, Norm again isnít quite on top of his game, but ends up coming away with the pot.


Segment Seventeen

Michael goes all in and uses a cheap shot to get Norm to fold.


Segment Eighteen

Michael once again goes all in, but this time includes a signed photo of David Copperfield (his good luck charm for the rest of the match). Once again, Norm folds.


Segment Nineteen

With identical hands, Michael goes all in and Norm makes the same old mistake.


Segment Twenty

On the next hand Norm finally rejoins the game and goes all in. Michael calls (withholding the David Copperfield picture this time.) With an 86% chance for Michael to win, a river card is dealt that puts Norm on top and keeps him in the game.


Segment Twenty-one

Michael goes all in and Norm folds once again. The announcers are starting to get incredibly annoyed at Norm.


Segment Twenty-two

On the next hand the blinds get raised to five and ten thousand dollars, Norm goes all in, and Michael calls. With 54% chances for Michael to win before the flop, Norm gets flopped a lucky card and he runs away with it.


Segment Twenty-three

With Michael almost out of chips, heís automatically all in. This time the flop falls in favor of Michael and he stays alive.


Segment Twenty-four

Michael is automatically all in again with a poor hand. With 96% chance to loose on the River hard, he gets a lucky card and wins the pot.


Segment Twenty-five

Michaelís good luck continues as he gets dealt a pair. Immediately going all in, he effectively scares Norm enough to fold. Michael now has the chip lead.


Segment Twenty-six

Both players get dealt poor hands but Norm goes all in. Michael takes a while to think and then folds.


Segment Twenty-seven

With Norm having slightly more money, both players go all in. Again, the cards fall in Michaelís favor.


Segment Twenty-eight

Michael gets dealt a King/Six. Norm gets dealt a Queen/Six. Both players go all in. Norm needs to see a queen dealt on the table.... but doesnít get it. He loses the tournament to Michael Ian Black and is gracious in defeat, but noticeably annoyed.