Tons of Norm News to report on so let’s get started:

First of all, myself and forum members TLCK and Frank Stallone met up in Atlantic City this past weekend to see Norm’s gig at the Borgata. And let me say, Norm’s still got it! The only thing Norm’s lost is his bushy mustache. Unfortunately, he hasn’t gained much either. He’s doing pretty much the exact same routine as he was doing over three years ago when I saw him at the Ontario Mills Improv. Which is why I’m practically begging anyone who plans to attend one of Norm’s upcoming shows to NOT look at the transcript for that performance. It WILL alter your enjoyment of the show. I’ve written a more thorough review of the show (without “spoilers”) and it can be read here.

The “Press of Atlantic City” has two articles about Norm’s show at the Borgata on their webpage. The first article is a question and answer type of thing where Norm talks about an upcoming movie he’s got a part in as well as the script he’s almost finished writing.

The second article is a review of the show that I feel to be very inaccurate. Aside from the few elderly people who had no idea what they were getting into and left half way through, the crowd seemed very into it. There were a few hecklers but I imagine Norm’s figured out that talking to them for a moment and making them feel like fools encourages them less than ignoring them. And I heard no “moaning” after the show ended. So fuck you Scott Cronick of the AC Press.

So the movie he’s talking about in the first article is called “I Could Never Be Your Woman”. (click here to visit the imdb page) Norm’s name isn’t yet added to the cast list, and it does kinda worry me that he says he needed that mustache to appear in this movie and suddenly it’s gone, but perhaps some Hollywood special effects master has just come up with a way to give him a fake one.

Also, in trying to find out more about this movie, I found Norm’s name is attached to a project called “The Benchwarmers”. (check out the imdb page for that). It’s written by Sandler, and stars Rob Schneider, David Spade, and Allen Covert. There’s a ton of other familiar names making cameos. However, right now it doesn’t say the character that Norm’s playing.

And for a small update on a previous story about Norm writing a new movie, I’ve gotten word that the script is finished and it’s been submitted to studio executives. Wish I had more to tell you on that. Hopefully I’ll have something more to tell about that soon.

Norm speaks with Christopher Arnott of the New Haven Advocate to promote his upcoming performances with Victoria Jackson at the Mohegan Sun. The article actually contains some nice insights into Norm’s difficulty in finding his niche and some interesting back story from various moments in the past. Read the news article here.

Missed Norm and his new big bushy mustache when he was on Leno the other night? Well we've got the transcript and audio right here for ya. Just click the following incredible link: incredible!

Well in case you missed it, “Back to Norm” aired on Comedy Central at the end of May. After a few weeks of knowing nothing of the fate of the show, FakeNews reader Nick recently reported on the forum that Comedy Central sent him this reply regarding the production of more episodes:

It was a one-time special. But we're glad you liked it! Thanks for watching Comedy Central.
Comedy Central Viewer Services"

Obviously not intended to be a “one-time special” upon original creation, Comedy Central seems to not want to take the risk and develop the show further… you know, seeing as the pilot sucked and everything. (Yeah, you heard me!)

Alright, so if you’re a die-hard Norm fan desperate for something to look forward to, IMDb has Norm slated to write and appear in a new Rob Schneider movie called “Hard R”. Bill Murray and David Spade are also listed as being attached to the project. No more information is available yet, but I do somewhat suspect the whole thing is all just another fabricated project made up by some higher power intent on punishing all of us for laughing at the word “crackwhore”.

And in other Norm news… Norm has another small roll in Rob Schneider’s Deuce Bigalow sequel coming out August 12th. Go see the movie and send a very clear message to Hollywood: Give Norm a cameo in your movie and you’ll get an extra twenty to thirty people showing up to see it.

I’m very pleased to announce that I’ve finally got all the Norm videos I ever dreamed of having ready and available to you, the fans. The final pieces of the puzzle, the unaired Stan Hooper episodes are finally available.

Check the NORMedia Section above for instructions on how to download.

One more big thank you to everyone who provided the video tapes needed to make this project a success! Ryan Patrick, Elijah Miller, "Willy", Tim Lawrence, Maggie Kuusisto, Jeff Bockelman, "Snowplow",, Janet Vasquez, and Michael Thompson. I'm also inclined to thank Noel G. Gross because none of this would have been possible if not for his hard work way back in the beginning. And I'm also inclined to thank myself because I fucking put a lot of time into this shit too - but I'm not gonna... because that's conceided. Thanks again everyone!

3-17-05 Sean T. Green and his friend were lucky enough to make it to the taping of "Back to Norm". Here's the review Sean posted on the forum.

Thanks for posting the show info of Norm's Pilot. Me and my friend Cornell got down to see the show, and I actually got front row seats for the taping. Needless to say the show was hillarious, I'm not going to give away the bits but its a good mix of standup, skits, pre-taped bits and just regular Norm. Also Rob Schneider made a guest appearance. On a side note the theme song seemed pretty good. Norm was on point with the jokes, he even switched them up when they had to retape stuff. Any Norm fans will love the show I'm sure.

I sent Sean a follow up email asking more questions about the show.
Click here to read his responces.

3-14-05 Fans in the Los Angeles area are invited to a LIVE taping of "BACK TO NORM," a sketch comedy show starring Norm Macdonald and written, directed, and produced by BRUCE MCCULLOCH.

When: Tuesday, March 15th

Time: 7:00PM and 9:00PM

Where: The Production Group
1330 Vine St.
Los Angeles, CA 90028

Free Parking (please bring ticket, we will validate):
ArcLight Cinemas
6360 Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90028

RSVP Line - (310) 407-4716

Please leave your name, telephone # and which show you will be attending.

1-14-05 - On the new show, Norm tells the Press Enterprise: "I was thinking about HBO, but it became too serious I think. Comedy Central is the place. I've worked with Dave Chappelle, he's such a good standup. He just made a show that reflects the standup really good. [My own show will feature] sketches on SNL that would be too rough. I got a whole bank of them that will be fun."

11-16-04 - Comedy Central Press Release

11-19-04 - One of the many tiny on-line news networks reporting on what little information is available

I’ve got some exciting news to report. I’ve heard from a very trusting source that Norm is currently working on writing a new movie and has begun interviewing writing assistants that can help him put the script into standard screenplay format. In his interviews with prospective writing assistants Norm’s said little about the exact plot of this new movie. He’s only mentioned that the lead character will be a “cowboy”.

So that’s definitely something to be looking forward to. My guess is he wants to have some projects lined up for the future to follow up with or add onto the potential success of the Comedy Central show. I’d say “keep checking back for more info”… but I doubt we’ll hear anything more about this project for a while.