Norm MacDonald: Oct 17, 1969 - Sep 14, 2021

We mourn the loss of an amazingly talented man who made us laugh using a mix of smart, witty, insightful comedy... blended with really stupid shit you'd hear a middle schooler say.

In trying to explain to my four year old daughter why I was sad about "this guy who used to tell jokes dying"... I had to admit to her, and to myself, that there's still a large part of who I am based off of Norm. The way I say things, the way I try to form thoughts in funny ways... I've really just been copying one man for the past twenty years. And I have a feeling I'm going to keep copying him for many years to come.

You will truly be missed, Norm.

This site doesn't really work anymore since it was based so much on the Flash plugin. But here's some links to the various key parts of the site in case you'd like to be reminded of just how hilarious this man was:

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