Alright, screw putting all this Norm content in a billion different places. I’ve decided to just sign up for a paid file sharing service and put EVERYTHING in one place.

So here’s the link to the brand new, all inclusive, super functional NORMedia Server!

First thing you need to know is that Norm’s guest hosting appearance on Dennis Miller Radio is now available, as well as his latest weekly appearance. Go look in the “Norm on Dennis Miller” folder and download the 2008-01-03 and 2008-01-11 files.

Second, I’ve included a few more files that I’ve been meaning to get added to the collection. Here’s the new ones you should seek out, all found in the “Talk Show Appearances” folder…

Norm MacDonald - Daily Show with Jon Stewart - 10-29-2003.avi
Norm MacDonald - Loveline - 09-05-2006.mp3
Norm MacDonald - Howard Stern - 01-08-1998.mp3
Norm MacDonald - The O’Reilly Factor - 01-02-2008.avi

Finally, if you’ve downloaded files from the NORMedia collection before, you should make these changes to your files... (due to a few file and content errors)

Delete your “Norm MacDonald - David Letterman - 03-26-1999.wmv” file. Delete any Conan O’Brien appearance with the date 03-29-1999, 03-22-1999, or 03-26-1999. Then, redownload the 03-26-1999 Letterman Appearance and redownload the 03-26-1999 Conan appearance.

For now the "Norm" and "Stan Hooper" episodes will stay on the old server to control the bandwidth on this new server.

Please Contact me if you have any problems with the new site.

JAN 14 UPDATE: Yikes! The server's been up three days and 92% of my 5 GB bandwidth is already used up! For the time being I hid all the files except the new ones I've mentioned above. I'm looking into now what I can do to solve this bandwidth problem.

...I can upload whatever crap I want, not worry about bandwidth issues, and feel less guilty for breaking copyright laws. So I’ve decided to use the YouTube account I created to upload other Norm related audio and video clips I have or have been sent to me. So here’s that link again:

And here’s a list of things I’ve added recently so you can be sure you’re not missing anything:

Jan 1st, 2008:
Norm MacDonald on Dennis Miller Radio - 12/21/07
Norm MacDonald on Dennis Miller Radio - ??/??/07
Faith Ford on The Daily Show talking about Norm
Artie Lange and Jim Breuer telling stores about Norm
December, 2007
Norm MacDonald on Dennis Miller Radio - 11/02/07 through 12/14/07

Also you should check out this guy’s YouTube channel. He’s added a lot of other good Norm stuff. Stuff that I’m too chicken to add myself...

Location City Dates Buy
House of Blues Las Vegas Feb 8th $35-$57

Norm's back doing some Stand Up again. Will there be more dates booked? Or is this just one random gig in Vegas?

12/22 Update: In Norm's latest DM Radio appearance Dennis mentioned that Norm will be the host of an entire three hour program while Dennis goes off and gets a colonoscopy. He said this should be happening "in the first part of the year". Check back for more info on exactly when.

Norm’s been appearing once a week on Dennis Miller’s radio program and we at Fake News have been recording the appearances. Okay, not so much “we” as super-fan Mike M. But “we” have put them up on a youtube account for you to listen. So thanks again Mike! And here’s the link to listen to all the latest clips...
(Updated 12-22-07)

If you like what you hear from Dennis, check out Dennis Miller Radio to listen live or subscribe to his fabulous radio services.

We’ve been waiting for this moment for almost ten years and it’s finally come… Norm back doing the fake news! Norm has signed on with TBS’s broadband comedy site, Super Deluxe, to provide a regularly occurring segment called “Norm MacDonald Presents: The Fake News”. It’s a quick two minutes of classic Normesque fake news delivery, but with a CGI news anchor instead of the actual Norm. The first few episodes are already available on Check them out!

The Fake News Series

In other Norm news… what does Norm do while he’s writing media for the internet? He’s out on the picket lines striking against not being compensated for writing media for the internet! A Los Angeles video blogger caught up with Norm and his fellow writers on the picket line last week. Check out that video here.

And finally, on Friday, November 2nd Norm was introduced as being a new weekly correspondent on Dennis Miller’s radio show. A truly hilarious eight minutes of radio followed. Norm's since appeared two more times and the segments have been equally hilarious. I'm working on getting the audio for thow two appearances for you soon.

Looks like Norm's booked on Tom Green Live again this Wednesday, the 25th. Watch live at 8 pm Pacific time or catch it after in Tom's On Demand section. Have I mentioned to you guys that Tom Green Live is fucking awesome and you should watch every day besides just when Norm is on it? Yes? I have? ... okay.

Also, Norm appeared on the Adam Carolla show the other day to promote his Brea Improv performances. You can listen to that interview here.

Hey look! Apparently I’m still in charge of this webpage! Well there’s some overdue Norm news to share with ya’ll. So let’s get to it...

Norm had his gig in Vancouver the other week. FakeNews reader Jordan posted on the forum a good quick review. Here’s that:

So I saw Norm in Coquitlam this past Saturday, May 7. If anyone is curious, he is still doing pretty much the exact same show as the 2002 set listed in the archives, right down to the squirrels playing darts. I was fully expecting this however, and despite having seen essentially the same show about a year and a half ago in Richmond, it was still great to see Norm live. The crowd loved him and he did do the crocodile hunter bit and also threw in some comments on the Hoff's drunken burger eating tape. ("was anyone else watching this thing and thinking, 'damn that burger looks tasty.'") Overall a great time, though Norm really does need to work on some new stuff at some point.

Thanks again Jordan!

Second Norm’s got three new standup gigs booked. The first is six shows at the San Jose Improv June 7th to the 10th at all sorts of fun times. Tickets are 25 bucks each. Click here to get yours.

Second is at the Irvine Improv for another five shows from June 21st till the 23rd. And that’ll be another twenty five dollars please. Here’s the link for that one.

Third is in Tempe, AZ at, you guessed it, the Improv there. July 5th, through 8th are the dates. And the price, damn you're good, twenty five bucks. Buy, buy, buy...

Third, Fake News reader Nick {Something} found a great little clip of Norm being interviewed by a Howard Stern crony at a charity poker tournament. Very funny stuff and gives some good insight as to Norm and Artie’s current friendship. Click here to listen to that.

Fourth, Norm was on My Name is Earl a few weeks ago. It was good. The writers certainly left it open for us to see his character again if they so choose. Here's hopin'...

Finally, remember those new additions to the Normedia collection I promised forever ago? Well they’re still coming. Soon, soon!
Fine, I don’t believe me.
I don’t blame you.

A bit too busy to turn these two bits of Norm news into a fancy piece of front page literary masterpiece. So here are the raw facts:

New Norm standup gig in Canada this May. It’s at the Red Robinson Show Theater in Coquitlam, BC (Vancouver area). It’s Saturday, May 5th. Tickets are $48.50 or $58.50. Show has a 19 or over age limit. Click here for the Ticketmaster purchase info.

Norm’s appearance on My Name Is Earl has been confirmed. A site called Spoiler TV writes this about the show: “Episode 2.22 - Two Balls, Two Strikes: Little Chubby (played by Norm MacDonald) travels around the world where he ends up being worshipped for a physical deformity he has.” I’ve heard rumors saying that his character will essentially be the young Burt Reynolds character he played so well back on SNL. By my calculations, the episode will air on May 3rd.

Finally, check back here in a few days. There will be a few more additions to the NORMedia collection, as well as some corrections on some of the files you may already have.

Hey how you like that headline, eh? Pretty clever, right? Just like those clever headlines you see in those fancy entertainment magazines! Alright, well obviously I’m searching for something positive out of some bad news I’ve gotta share. Word is Norm’s “Court Appointed Attorney” movie has fallen through.

This bit of information was brought to us by frequent FakeNews contributor and now officially certified Norm stalker, Bob Barron. Bob finally got a chance to meet and hang out with Norm before and after his performance in Ridgefield Connecticut.

Potential good news did come out of their meeting. Norm shared with Bob that he’s in talks to have a guest role on NBC’s “My Name is Earl”. No word on whether it would be a one show deal or multiple. Keep checking back in for more information on that.

And finally, if you didn’t get enough of Norm on the Tom Green show, he’ll be back very soon. Tom’s having a big party this Friday and he said that Norm will be attending. Tom’s parties are usually a lot of fun to watch, but they don’t usually feature too many serious questions. Couldn’t hurt to try, though, right? Check in to this Friday, February 9th, at 11 pm Eastern, 8 pm Pacific.

Update: Norm's appearance at Tom Green's "party" turned out to be more like a regular guest interview appearance but a bit looser. Sam Simon even joined in on the fun. The later in the night it got, and the more drinks the three guys downed, the funnier the show got. Check it out here. It's definitely worth it.

...And included in it are two brand new clips that I haven’t offered before. The first is a video clip of Norm at the White House Correspondence Dinner in 1996. Also is an mp3 of Norm doing his standup routine back in the early 90s. There’s a lot of good stuff in that routine that, unless you saw one of his shows back then, you’ve probably never heard. Thanks so much to Alex/Crackwhore #13 for sending me those clips.

This time the process is simple. Just click on the link below and you’ll be taken to a site where you can just click and download whichever episode or appearance you’d like. Just one rule: you can only download three files per day. You know, to cut down on the server exploding.

The server and setup is brought to you by the good people at Meteospire. A new software development company that will have their own webpage for you to visit very soon.

If you have any problems with this let me know at

(The two new clips are at the bottom of the Miscellaneous section)

Update: Well damn it, Norm’s appearance on the Tom Green show yesterday was plagued by the same old boring questions. “Why were you fired from SNL?” came up, “What was it like doing the voiceover for Lucky?” was asked, and “How do you think up of your standup material?” sneaked in. Meanwhile I was on hold for over an hour waiting to ask a real question. Nevertheless, it was an entertaining show. You can check out the “On Demand” recording by clicking here.

And again, be sure to keep checking back into The whole thing is brilliantly done and I’m excited to see the impact this new media can have on the entertainment business. You should also check out the irregularly airing sister show, “Poolside Chats with Neil Hamburger”. Especially this episode with guest Kyle Gass of Tenacious D. I am not exaggerating when I say I have never in my life laughed harder than watching that show.

From Left To Right: Andy Dick's Guitarist, Andy Dick, Tom Green, a roasted chicken dangling from a string controled by Andy Dick, Andy Dick's 18 year old son.

Word is Norm’s gonna be on the Tom Green internet show this Tuesday. If you haven’t seen Tom Green’s show it’s actually pretty damn funny. And since my opinion is the absolute authority throughout the universe, you’re guaranteed to love it. You can check out past episodes and get all ready to watch on Tuesday by visiting

Now here’s the thing about this show, they take a LOT of phone calls. So many phone calls that if you call, you’re almost sure to get on. So I ask all of you to please call into the show! I’m so tired of the same questions asked by pseudo-Norm fans over and over, “So is it true that you got kicked off Weekend Updated for making fun of O.J.?” , “Dirty Work was great man. Why don’t you make more movies?” , “What ever happened to your T.V. show?” – Sick of it!

So please, if you call in, ask something good! Ask something about Norm’s future projects! Ask about that “Court Appointed Attorney” movie and if Will Ferrell is really gonna be the star. Ask if he’s really doing a radio show with Sam Simon. Ask what the hell “Rob Schneider’s Hard R” is all about. Ask something good!

But yeah, this Tuesday 11pm EST, should be a great great show. Be sure to watch.

Norm appeared on a L.A. late night talk radio show last week. He even brought along his friend Sam Simon. If you want to listen to the whole interview yourself you can find it here.

Here’s a recap of the important parts:
- Norm and Sam are rumored to be working on their own radio show. (How awesome would that be?)
- Norm said Sam had sent him a draft of Dirty Work 2. (Although it seemed like he could be joking?)
- Norm mentioned he was performing at the “Phoenix Improv” for four days starting on Jan 28th. (I assume he meant the Tempe Improv? But I can only assume. The Tempe Improv calendar has no mention of Norm.)
- And Norm seemed very seriously enamored with one of the DJ’s suggestion of a sitcom Norm could be in about Norm being the straight manager of a gay bar. (Sam didn’t quite like the idea, though. And thankfully my own fears of having to watch Norm star in a horrible sitcom are calmed by the fact that Norm’s way too lazy to get himself in another project of this scale anyways.)

Alright, so there’s your news! Check back very soon for the new Normedia section!

So what’s been happening in the world of Norm lately? Well, not much good I guess.

Remember that “Farce of the Penguins” movie? Well turns out ThinkFilm has decided there’s a few too many movies about personificating penguins hitting the big screens so they’ve decided to send Bob Sagat’s version straight to DVD this January.

And remember that movie that Norm wrote that supposedly had Will Ferrell as a star and was to begin filming this September? Well it’s been a while now and we’ve seen absolutely no evidence that that filming actually took place. If it had happened we almost for sure would have seen a little blurb about it in Variety or listed on IMDb.

I guess instead of me writing a rant about those things, I’ll just summarize my opinion with the phrase, “What the fuck?!?!”

There IS some kinda good news, though. Norm’s got a standup gig booked on the East Coast this February. It’s in Ridgefield Connecticut on February 3rd at the Ridgefield Playhouse. Tickets are $75 each! And that’s even if you wanted to sit in the last row of the balcony level! Ohhhh man, there’s gonna be a lot of grossed out rich people by the end of this one.

Anyways, click here if you’re interested in going.

And finally, for another bit of kinda good news, I’ve teamed up with another loyal FakeNews reader and we’re working on a way to get the whole NormMedia thing back up and running through a simple download page. Included on this page will be a few new clips that I’ve since been provided with. So be sure to check back soon for that!

FakeNews reader and frequent contributor Bob Barron got a chance to speak to Norm while he was at the filming of The Daily Show. Bob got a chance to ask Norm about his upcoming projects and Norm mentioned that Will Ferrell will be starring as the lead in his "Court Appointed Attorney" movie that he's written. As for Norm's role, he says he will be playing the "other guy". The movie will begin filing next month.

Thanks Bob and contrats on talking to The Man!

Norm’s first ever comedy CD is in stores at this very moment. And in case you needed one last bit of convincing to buy it, I’ve got one more sample track for you guys.

In this track, called “Stan and Lois”, Norm plays a character called “Stan Hooper” (No relation). Stan is new at Metropolis’ Daily Planet newspaper and learns some interesting things about Clark Kent and Lois Lane. Artie plays the editor-in-chief, Lori Jo plays Lois, and Steve Higgins plays Clark Kent.

In other news, Norm was on Loveline a week ago and as you’d imagine a talk show about dirty dirty sex was the perfect avenue for Norm to be, well... Norm. You can listen to his appearance by clicking here.

Also, check out an interview Norm did with some fucking random college newspaper in Buffalo. The interview has some good quotes about Norm working on the album and also working in Billy Madison back in the day. Read that article here.

Okay that’s it. Don’t forget to watch Norm’s promotion appearances on the late night circuit this week!

After nine years of waiting, Norm’s debut comedy CD finally hits the stores tomorrow. But a select few in the media world already have their hands on the album and have offered up their reviews. And guess what suckas! I’m one of them!

So below is a list of every review of ‘Ridiculous’ that’s out there for you to check out. But especially check out my favorable review. I almost want to write a favorable review for my favorable review – it’s that good.

Publication/Article Favorable
FakeNews.Net: 'Ridiculous' Early Review Yes
Punchline Magazine Yes / Salty Music Yes
The Maneater No (I'm not giving the link because the guy gives WAY too many spoilers. He really liked it. You can find it yourself if you're desperate to read it.) Yes
Michael McCormick (An email I got from a fan) Yes

I’ve made this Talk Show Appearances chart instead of me writing a bullshit article every time there’s a new ‘Ridiculous’ Promotional Tour announcement. If you hear of Norm being on a talk show or radio show and it’s not on this list, shoot me an email.

Talk Show Date Last Appearance
Late Show with David Letterman Sep. 13th Feb. 25th, 2000
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Sep. 14th Oct. 29th, 2003
Last Call with Carson Daly Sep. 15th ???

We’ve got your exclusive first look, and listen, of Norm’s new album for you! Again, the album is called ‘Ridiculous’ and hits stores September 12th.

Okay, so, look, there’s something you need to know. Take a deep breath here…

Aside from a bonus track at the end… this album is not standup comedy. I think we all assumed that it’d be standup, but its a collection of dirty dirty skits Norm’s done with his former SNL friends. Those of you disappointed that it’s not entirely standup should remember one thing: you’ve heard his standup! He’s been doing pretty much the same act for the past decade! I really don't think we needed an album full of things we've all heard fifty billion times before.
The album is still gonna be hilarious, though, and will have the same sick and demented feel of Norm’s act.

And I can prove it! We've got a sample track straight from the album for you. It’s called “World’s First Two Gay Guys”. The track is introduced by Jon Lovitz and features Will Ferrell (doing a voice similar to his Harry Carrey character).

Click below to listen and then visit the forum and tell us what you think!

Update: FakeNews reader Bob Barron pointed out that Norm talked about recording this sketch in a Rolling Stone interview back in 1999. Check out the article here.

Other famous people making their way onto the album include Tim Meadows, Molly Shannon, and Artie Lange, among others.

And here’s the track list for you:

1. The Fantastic Four
2. Tex Hooper
3. Gambling Sportscaster
4. World's First Two Gay Guys
5. The Twelve Days Of Christmas
6. Stan + Lois
7. Half Time
8. A Wonderful Afternoon Gone Awry
9. Burning Bed
10. Girls, Girls, Girls
11. Two Minute Warning
12. Do You Want A Sandwich Or Anything?
13. Hidden Standup Track

The album is up for presale now at Or, if you’re not incredibly lazy, you can just remember to head out and buy it on Tuesday, September 12th.

When I found out I’d have the opportunity to give away an advanced copy of Norm’s new album, I thought long and hard for what would be the most ‘Norm’esque way to hold a contest. In the end, I knew there was only one option:


The tournament will have five semifinal rounds where the winner of each of those games will move onto the final round on Saturday September 9th. The winner of the finals will get the album sent to them overnight mail on Monday. Which means, yeah, you’ll get it on Tuesday the 12th and it won’t really be an “advanced” copy anymore but, hey, it’s still a free album damn it!

So go ahead and get more info and sign up by clicking here. Good luck to everyone!

And keep checking back to the site! More album information, reviews, and samples will be available soon!

The time has finally come. Norm’s first ever comedy album is in it’s final stages of production. Due to be released on September 12th, the album will be titled ‘Ridiculous’ and is being produced by Comedy Central Records.

For now, our only tangible piece of information to look at for the album is a tiny clip of Norm on Adam Sandler’s webpage. In the clip Norm is trying to explain his new album to a dog that’s a lot more interested in just licking Norm’s face. At the end of the clip is a preview of the cover art and a blurry track listing. (From what I can make out I don’t recognize any of the bits by the titles so this very well could be an album full of ‘new-to-us’ material).

Check out the video by going to and clicking on the “Face Licker” video to the bottom right.

More information will definitely be coming soon!

First, quick standup appearance to tell you about. Norm will be at The Grove of Anaheim on Saturday August 26th. He’ll be appearing along with Victoria Jackson yet again. Tickets cost $35 or you can get a $40 seat which requires you to tack on another $20 for dinner. To book your tickets either visit and navigate your way to the Ticketmaster links (where you’ll pay an extra ten bucks) or you can call the box office directly at 714-712-2700.

Second, Jack Warden, a good friend and colleague of Norm’s has passed away this weekend. We saw Warden as Norm’s and Artie’s Dad in ‘Dirty Work’ and Danny’s Dad in ‘The Norm Show’, but it turns out he also had quite a few meaningful roles too. He was nominated for two best supporting acting Oscars for “Shampoo” and “Heaven Can Wait”. You should read the official Reuters press release for more information. Jack Warden was a very respected actor and just as respected of a person; and he will be missed.

Last, Norm will be visiting the Adam Carolla show this Monday the 24th. If you can’t listen live there are podcasts posted after 10 AM over at Thanks to Special Ed for posting the heads up on the forum.

Bob Saget is back directing movies again. Unfortunately, he’s also back to doing voiceovers for video taped animals. Coming at the end of this Summer will be “Farce of the Penguins”, a mockumentary based on “March of the Penguins”, written, directed, and largely voiced by Saget. Also slated to add his voice-over talents is our pal Norm. Samuel L. Jackson has just signed on to narrate the film, and other voice-over actors include Tracy Morgan, Lewis Black, Jon Lovitz, Jason Alexander, and an unnamed actor who will be replacing Norm when he inevitably cancels out of the project at the last minute.

Read more about the project at this link:

FakeNews reader Alon posted on our Forum that the Laugh Factory is now saying Norm's show for Saturday night has been canceled. A call into their reservations line confirms this.

Norm did go on stage Friday night, but for unknown reasons has decided not to Saturday.

If you were at Friday's show could you please write me an email letting me know how it went? You know, so we can maybe get some clues as to why he's not showing up tonight.

Norm with the Live 105 crew
After over five years of running, I finally got my chance to talk to Norm. This past Friday word came in on the FakeNews message board that Norm would soon be making an appearance on San Francisco’s Live 105 radio station to promote his San Jose Imrpov gig. With the station’s brand new online radio feed, I was able to listen in and call at the perfect time to see if I could talk to Norm.

Realizing that there’d certainly be tons of people calling in to the station to talk to him, I tried to explain to the call screener exactly who I was. After sounding a bit confused at first I attempted to sum things up by saying, “I’m essentially the president of the Norm MacDonald fan club.” Well he immediately took to that and patched me into the conversation right away. It certainly got me to talk to him, but it kinda gave the wrong impression to Norm and the DJs.

The whole thing was recorded so you can either listen to just my conversation by downloading the mp3 here:
2006_02_17_-_Live_105_Steve_Calls_In.mp3 (3.5 mb)

Or you can download the entire radio interview with Norm by downloading this file:
2006_02_17_-_Live_105.mp3 (24 mb)

(right click and choose save as...)

So the one big thing I wanted to find out about was this new movie Norm’s written. And he did give up some good details about it. The movie’s called “Court Appointed Attorney”. It’s about an inept court appointed attorney who gets a big case, but ends up doing everything wrong. (However, we can assume that in the midst of doing things wrong he somehow gets things right and wins the case). Norm says he will not be the star of this movie, or any movie for that matter. But he did say he’d like to have a supporting role. The movie’s been bought by a studio and there’s currently a list of actors who have expressed interest.

So there you have it! I’m very glad to have asked that question. Seems like most of the things to ask Norm have to deal with the past. But I, and I assume most of you, really want to know about what Norm’s got planned for the future.

Other questions that came up over the course of the interview led to some somewhat insightful responses from Norm…

Asked why he wasn’t able to continue being the voice of Death on ‘Family Guy’, Norm responded, “I couldn’t do the second one because I was doing standup, which is my first love and everything so they got Adam to do it.”

Asked if ‘Back to Norm’ was a one time special or supposed to be a reoccurring thing Norm said, “I said I wanted to do something like the Chappelle Show, and so they said ‘Why don’t you do special?’ and I said ‘I don’t want to do no half our standup on television’, you know? So they said ‘No, do a special’ and I said, ‘No I don’t want to do no special.’ So they said ‘okay, you can do this thing’ you know? So I did the pilot for this thing and then they put it on as a special!”

And when asked about being fired from Weekend Update for making fun of OJ he said, “Well, I wasn’t making fun of his football ability, you know! I don't know... I figure you commit a double homicide people can poke fun at you!” … “What happened allegedly, I don’t know if this is true, but the head of NBC, Don Ohlmeyer at the time, was OJ Simpson’s best friend. And uh, so uh, I mean, I admire the guy for sticking with him! And he always maintained that he was completely innocent. And uh, my God if he was innocent… he’s really had a tough time.”

So there you have it! It was great to talk a bit to Norm, and I look forward to our next mini-conversation in another five years from now.

Couple of Norm voice over gigs to talk about. First, he’s been appearing in a series of commercials in Canada pitching Bell Canada. The commercials feature “Frank and Gordon”, a couple of beavers who have successfully landed a gig as Bell Canada’s new spokes people/animals. You can watch the commercials at the Frank and Gordon webpage located here:

Check them out. They actually do manage to have a few good Norm-esque moments in them.

Also, Norm’s name has come up attached to a new Flash Animated Christmas movie in development called “Who Stole Santa’s Sack”. I’m guessing it’ll be done in time for this Christmas season since Flash animations take like three weeks to make. For more info on this project visit this link:

So first the good news. Remember that whole “Norm Comedy CD” business that’s been talked for years and years? Well Norm brought it up again in an interview with the Vancouver Province given to promote his standup gig there. The standup CD is slated to come out in April and will also feature skits by Will Ferrell and Molly Shannon.

Also in the article Norm talks about still watching Saturday Night Live, his old job at the post office, and… I don’t know, other stuff. Just fucking read it yourself. Here:

And the bad news is. You may have noticed that I no longer offer the NORMedia DVDs by paypal anymore. But sadly I’ll also have to stop offering the FakeNews AIM Server. I’ll be moving in with some roommates soon and I can’t with good conscience use the household internet connection for the AIM Server. It takes up way too much bandwidth. So February 18th will be the last day.

I assume there’ll be a mad rush of downloads in the next few weeks, so I’ll again be following the “shut down the server if more than five people are downloading” rule I implemented when the AIM server first came out.

If there anyone out there that’s willing to have a computer dedicated solely to running the AIM server for me, I’d be glad to take you up on the offer. Email me at Otherwise, please everyone pitch in and start offering this stuff on Limewire, Bearshare, Porn4all, or whatever the hell programs are out there now.

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May 2001:  'Norm' reruns get kicked around, ABC then cancels the show, and Norm's roll in 'The Animal' is revealed.
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March 2001:  Standup dates announced, the return of Lucky the dog, and you where asked to 'Save Norm'.
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Fall 2000:  Lots of miscellaneous Norm news, including a story about Norm in the National Enquirer.
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