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1994-95 Season
September 24, 1994  Steve Martin / Eric Clapton
OJ and the mystery envelope, trouble in the Middle East, McDonalds burning coffee suit
October 1, 1994  John Travolta/Seal
Low tourism in India, lethal special K, "The John Wayne Bobbit Story"
October 15, 1994  Marisa Tomei / Bonnie Raitt
Nobel Peace Prize nominees, trading on the big board, OJ Simpson halloween mask
October 22, 1994  Dana Carvey / Edie Brickell
Of course OJ did it, Prince Charles' book, Queen Elizabeth II visits Russia
November 12, 1994  Sarah Jessica Parker / R.E.M.
Republicans gain control of house and senate, 'Interview With a Vampire' opens
November 19, 1994  John Turturro / Tom Petty
Lisa Marie and Michael separate, Norm probes David Hasselhoff about his German fans
December 3, 1994  Roseanne/Green Day
Kenny G's Christmas album, "Interview with the Vampire" review, new duracell ad campaign
December 10, 1994  Alec Baldwin/The Beastie Boys
The "Ronald Reagan Freeway", the cast of ER, Lisa Marie's revelation
December 17, 1994  George Foreman / Hole
January 14, 1995  Jeff Daniel/Luscious Jackson
Trouble with Bill and Hilary, Oprah Smokes Crack, OJ's new book
January 21, 1995  David Hyde Pierce / Live
Billy Joel survives earthquake, NHL strike ends, Ram's move to St. Louis
February 11, 1995  Bob Newhart / Des'Ree
Surgeon General's 700 abortions, Johnny Cochrane abused wife, "The Golf Channel" debuts
February 18, 1995  Deion Sanders / Bon Jovi
Colin Ferguson convicted, Norm sells pot to children, Mississippi abolishes slavery
February 25, 1995  George Clooney / Cranberries
Ireland signs peace treaty, was OJ high on speed?, men and women have different cravings
March 18, 1995  Paul Reiser / Annie Lennox
Jenny Jones Show's murder, "I says to the guys I says to him I says", Jordan back to basketball
March 25, 1995  John Goodman / Tragically Hip
"Buchanan Is A Racist", Kato's four days testifying, U.S. Crack Association's recommendation.
April 8, 1995  Damon Wayons / Dionne Farris
April 15, 1995  Courtney Cox / Dave Mathews Band
May 6, 1995  Bob Sagat / TLC
May 13, 1995  David Duchovny / Rod Stewart
McVeigh had sold drugs, Batman returns, Marion Barry shops for mothers day.

1995-96 Season
September 30, 1995  Mariel Hemmingway / Blues Traveler
October 7, 1995  Chevy Chase / Lisa Loeb
October 21, 1995  David Schwimmer / Natalie Merchant
October 28, 1995  Gabriel Byrne / Alanis Morrisette
November 11, 1995  Quentin Tarentino / Smashing Pumpkins
November 18, 1995  Laura Leighton / Rancid
December 2, 1995  Anthony Edwards / Foo Fighters
December 9, 1995  David Alan Grier / Silverchair
December 16, 1995  Madeline Kahn / Bush
January 13, 1996  Christopher Walken / Joan Osborne
January 20, 1996  Alec Baldwin / Tori Amos
February 10, 1996  Danny Aiello / Coolio
February 17, 1996  Tom Arnold / Tupac Shakur
February 24, 1996  Elle McPherson / Sting
March 16, 1996  John Goodman / Everclear
March 23, 1996  Phil Hartman / Gin Blossoms
April 13, 1996  Steve Forbes / Rage Against The Machine
April 20, 1996  Teri Hatcher / Dave Matthews Band
OJ framming attempt, Marlon Brandon forgiven by Jewish leaders, Madonna pregnant
May 11, 1996  Christine Baranski / The Cure
May 18, 1996  Jim Carrey / Soundgarden

1996-97 Season
September 28, 1996  Tom Hanks / Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
Dole gains ground in poles, video tape "proves" OJ did it, John Kennedy Jr. weds
October 5, 1996  Lisa Kudrow / Sheryl Crow
Day before presidential debates, Roberto Alomar spits, Walmart bans Sheryl Crow
October 19, 1996  Bill Pullman / New Edition
O.J.'s friend suspects guilt, Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall divorce, fat stripper murders heckler
October 26, 1996  Dana Carvey / Dr. Dre
Nicotine may cure Alzheimer's, Yankees beat Braves in World Series, Julio Iglesias's house fire
November 2, 1996  Chris Rock / Wallflowers
Dole about to lose, O.J. and Fred Goldman argue in court, Mike Wallace smoked pot
November 16, 1996  Robert Downey Jr. / Fiona Apple
Texaco is racist, Michael Jackson marries again, The real Dole walks in
November 23, 1996  Phil Hartman / Bush
O.J. finds real killer, Pam and Tommy Lee split, Sherry Stringfield off ER
December 7, 1996  Martin Short / No Doubt
Hillary may be indicted for Whitewater, Madeline Albright first female Secretary of State
December 14, 1996  Rosie O'Donnell / Whitney Houston
O.J. refused lie detector test, Mary Leakey dies, Michael Bolton's Christmas album
January 11, 1997  Kevin Spacey / Beck
Paula Jones trial to proceed?, Yeltsin with pneumonia, T.A.F.K.A.P. now called just 'The Artist'
January 18, 1996  David Alan Grier / Snoop Doggy Dog
Gingrich reprimanded, Jessie Jackson's Mitsubishi boycott ends, porno during 'The Flintstones'
February 8, 1997  Neve Campbell / David Bowie
O.J. convicted in civil trial, Norway rejects Tonya Harding, American Express lays off 3,000
February 15, 1997  Chevy Chase / Live
O.J. to pay 25 million more, Michael Jackson Jr. born, Strom Thurman hospitalized with flu
February 22, 1997  Alec Baldwin / Tina Turner
Kenneth Starr doesn't resign, airlines lower fares, Norm and Howard Stern have an orgy
March 15, 1997  Sting / Veruca Salt
Clinton injures knee, Nicole Brown's diary to be published, Norm has trouble picking a camera
March 22, 1997  Mike Myers / Aerosmith
Clinton and Yeltsin discuss NATO, O.J. a loving father, Dr. Kevorkian releases jazz CD
April 12, 1997  Rob Lowe / Spice Girls
Ellen DeGeneres admits homosexuality, Europa's primative life, Norm lets the F-word slip
April 19, 1997  Pamela Lee / Rollins Band
Dole lends Gingrich money, O.J.'s mom suspected guilt, Norm refrains from slipping F-word
May 10, 1997  John Goodman / Jewel
Trump and Marla Maples split, Heston vice pres. of NRA, Norm eats puke
May 17, 1997  Jeff Goldblum / En Vogue
Air Force Lt. Kelly Flynn a sexual predator, O.J. hides Heisman Trophy, 'In their own words'

1997-98 Season
September 27, 1997  Sylvester Stallone / Jamiroquai
October 4, 1997  Matthew Perry / Oasis
October 18, 1997  Brendan Fraser / Bjork
October 25, 1997  Chris Farley / The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
Clinton visits China, Microsoft trying to monopolize internet, Wisconsin lacks volunteer firefighters
November 8, 1997  John Lovitz / Jane's Addiction
November 15, 1997  Claire Danes / Mariah Carey
November 22, 1997  Mayor Rudy Giuliani / Sarah McLachlan
December 6, 1997  Nathan Lane / Metallica
Unabomber shack to be moved, protecting Di's grave, 'MacDonald and Costello'
December 13, 1997  Helen Hunt / Hanson
Lawrence body removed from Arlington, Latrell Sprewell chokes coach, Norm's final story